January 12, 2014


I want to share my "stuffs", I really do, but privacy.... yeah that. I don't want my stuff to spread far and wide, not that it's good enough to even do so, but it's sort of freaky to think it could. I want to just lay it all out and not be conservative with who I am, what I create, post conservatively for fear someone might.... judge me? or my kids? unfairly. Why does this matter to me? Who the fuck cares what anyone else thinks, why do "we" tend to care about such things, it's a ridiculous waste of time and energy. So with all that spewed, I guess this is my space, a space I should just be uninhibited in, I'll try. Pinky swear.

August 20, 2013

Oh Gillio... you are lovely.

I moved into an A5 Gillio Compagna planner, I named her Sedona. 
Finchley was/is wonderful, but the cardboard in it bugged me, the rings bugged me, and really I just wanted something a little nicer. I moved everything into my Gillio, she will be my life and wallet until I figure out which pocket version I want for a wallet. 

Here's the packaging. I thought it was interesting the box is plain. 
It also calls the planner "reddish" not orange like it's listed on the webpage. 

Here she is un-stuffed. She is absolutely beautiful. And definitely in the orange family.
She sounds, smells, and feels amazing (yes I am talking about a planner).

Moved in and stuffed! Honestly I could cram more in. 
I have my Rhodia pad in the big pocket, then my Moleskin camping journal in there as well. 
I will need to add another pen loop, one is just not enough for me.
 Here's another "stuffed" view. Super happy with her 'stuffibility"! 
The pen loop holds my Pilot Prera Fountain pen perfectly. 
That's it for now, we'll take a look inside next time.

August 14, 2013

Scrawling color.

This pen case is "Designed for Arrangement". It says so right on the outside, 
just check out the arranging I'm doing in this case!

This is the Lihit Lab Teffa pen case, I love it but I
am in search of wrap that will hold many pens. 
All the wraps I find only hold a few.

More Microns than I can handle.... they're everywhere in my house. 

Poor mans Copic markers, still amazing. Prismacolor Art Marker.
Need to be careful with these, they bleed through most papers.
What are some of your favorite color pens? If you use Copics, 
are they really worth the crazy amount of money?

August 11, 2013

Keeping within the constraints.

My work space is creeping like blackberries. 

Really, I'm just happy to have a space again... even if I'm overflowing my boundaries.

It allows me to breath life into the mundane.... for that, I would work in a shoebox.

August 10, 2013

My spot in the house.

Workspace. Looks different every day.


After trying several chronodex versions, I settled on making my own. I love the other versions out there, this just works best for me. This is sort of how I see a day in my head. Anyway, being the ex-printmaking major that I am, I carved my own stamp and am happy with it being mine all mine. I'll report back in a few months on its usefulness.

Moving from Tumblr.

Just a couple photos from my Tumblr. Moving over here for more functionality.